Hello I am Conan Lai. I'm based in Montréal.

I co-founded n10.as radio and am the lead developer. You can read about it here.

I'm currently in the inaugral show at Internet-via-Montréal based Galerie Galerie.

Wow I'm really excited for Art Hack Day at Eastern Bloc, where I'll be making art with ~50 other artists about l’économie de partage et les modèles horizontaux collaboratifs. Maybe I'll get to put my economics degree to use for once!

Here is a secure password generator I made. Generates passwords way better than Mark Zuckerbergs!

In February, Milo Reinhardt and I exhibited our project mass.rip at Unlike in Poitiers. You can read an interview about the piece and our process here.

I was the developer for 2016's Art Matters Festival.

Here are some photographs I took from 2010 - 2014.

You can reach me at aconanlai@gmail.com for freelance requests, technology consultations and development, or collaborations.